Friday, June 13, 2008

splendid Splendid new arrivals

We just added our Splendid new arrivals to the website. For fun, we're counting down the top pieces this week, starting with #7. Just for fun - nothing serious! Everything we received from Splendid is great.

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Here's a little about the brand, Splendid...

The inside scoop:
Founder and Designer Moise Emquies set out to be a lawyer but early on switched gears to fashion design on a whim. He’s a natural, entering into the field without any training.

What’s in a name:
Moise spent 10 years looking for his perfect fabric: 50% supima cotton (a luxurious cotton that gives the fabric body) and 50% micro modal (a form of rayon that is super soft and deeply absorbs dyes). With this he asserts he can make the perfect t-shirt, deserving of the name, Splendid - “the ultimate, the best”.

Why we carry it:
Similar to its sister line,
ella moss, Splendid is incredibly comfortable and flattering. Vogue agrees and listed it recently on the top 10 t-shirts list at #2 (Neal Sperling was #1).

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