Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gitman Bros. Vintage

Navy/Green L/S Plaid $132

Purple/Navy L/S Plaid $132

Navy/Red S/S Plaid $127

Turqoise/Violet S/S Plaid $127
Shades of Greige

Generations S/S Blue Gingham $88

Hours Periwinkle Plaid $88

Hours Grey Plaid $88

Nash Lightweight Sweater $94
Left Field Sportswear

Left Field Chambray Lt Blue $159 Handmade in NYC

Left Field Chambray Lt. Pink $159 Handmade in NYC

Left Field Chambray Lt. Green $159 Handmade in NYC
Alternative Apparel Button Downs

AA Button Down Washed Black $65

AA Button Down Lt. Pink $65

Call or e-mail with any ordering questions.

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