Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just In: Levi's Vintage 1944 501's and 1967 505's

Today we just received two new styles of the coveted 
Levi's Vintage Denim, the 1944 501 and the 1967 505.
Both of these jeans have a unique place in the history of denim.  Below we have a brief description of what makes these jeans so special, enjoy!

LVC 1944 501 in the Rigid.  30x34 - 36x34.  $220.  Made in the USA using Cone Mills Denim.

During WWII, the US Govt. asked all clothing manufacturers to remove a certain amount of metal, fabric, and thread from their garments in order to conserve the raw materials for the war effort.  Levi's did what they could do to help, here sre some of the features that make the LVC 1944 501's so unique:

-  Off came the watch pocket rivets, the crotch rivet and the cinch and it's two rivets.
-  Sometimes the buttons were branded but most the time they were just blank and generic.
-  The 1944 LVC 501 had a painted on Arcuate on the back pockets  because the Govt. thought the traditional stitching was too ornamnetal and a waist of thread.
-  Pocket bag material varied throughout the war
-  Cone Mills 12oz. Red Selvedge Denim
-  2 back pockets with covered rivets

LVC 1967 505 in Rigid.  30x34 - 36x34.  $198

-  This jean is considered the example of the "modern" jean.  It had a slightly lower rise and slimmer thigh and bottom leg openings.  Many modern day jeans have been based off of this jean.
-  Levi's used bar tacks rather than rivets on the back pockets.
-  big "E" red Tab, which only existed from 1966-1971.
-  Cone Mills 12 oz. red Selvedge

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