Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Vegas/Harley Chaos

Hello everyone! Back from the chaos they call Vegas where Erica and I scoured through hundreds upon hundreds of brands for Spring 2009 just for you,(and because it's fun!). We think you're really going to like what we've found! We'll talk more in later posts about all the great new looks and brands we've found.

So, we arrive in Milwaukee with the faint sound of slot machines still ringing in our ears only to be jolted out of our grogginess by the ear crunching sounds of nearly 200,000 Harley Davidson motorcycles as they race up and down the streets of Milwaukee in celebration of HD's 105th Anniversary. Now, if you're a local customer of ours, hopefully you made it down to Brady St. to enjoy the festivities. If you're one of our national/international customers, you need to consider coming in for the 110th, it is a sight to behold!

The coolest thing was to talk to the people from Japan, Australia, Germany, France, and many other far away places, all in town for some fun, food and, of course, drink...and some good shopping at Detour!! Especially the European visitors were loving how strong the Euro is right now compared to the dollar! Many of them were buying American-made jeans (7 for all Mankind, Citizens, Joe's, Rag&Bone, etc...) for half of what they are charging in Europe.
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