Monday, June 8, 2009

New J Brands and Paige

Just in time for summer...J Brand and Paige
This has been a very interesting season for women's denim. With the questionable economy looming down upon us at every turn, women have eagerly pursued things that are "special". Take the "BoyFriend" Jean for example, we cannot keep these in stock from any of our vendors: Current/Elliot, AG, ACNE, J Brand and of course Paige

The other huge trend for this Spring has been the "destruction" look. Choose from Skinnies, Straights, Boyfriends and yes even BootCuts...women cannot get enough of them and we cannot carry enough of them

Almost every week we're getting new shipments just to keep up with the demand so keep in touch...subscribe to this blog, become a fan on facebook or follow us on twitter.

Is the bootcut dead??

Paige Jimmy Jimmy Boyfriend Faith Destruction Wash 25-30 $189

J Brand 12" Pencil in Zombie 25-30 $218

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