Sunday, July 12, 2009

For Her: Pencey

Fall 2009 Preview- Pencey

All of us at ShopDetour our very excited to introduce the Fall 2009 Pencey Line. It's already created quite the buzz around our offices and store!

Pencey designer Christina Minasian, has caught the eye of all the stylists the last few seasons with her ability to meld "uptown preppy" vibe with "downtown" cool. Pencey is one of those lines that blurs the line between form and function and has a true emphasis on just being fun!

Pencey. Two Tiered Dress. Eggplant. 0-6. $341

Pencey. One Shoulder Dress. Black. XS-M. $418

Pencey. Ruffle Dress. Plaid. 0-6. $418

Pencey. Fringe Vest. Black. XS-M. $405

Pencey. Drop Pant. Black. 0-4. $208

Pencey. Peacoat. Black. 0-4. $612
Pencey. House Tank. Grey. XS-M. $282

This is just a tease of what's to come. Sorry!
We are currently taking Pre-Orders for Fall 2009 Pencey. Some of the pieces are getting picked through so e-mail the site for availability and ordering info. Thanks!

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