Wednesday, June 24, 2009


HTC today finally confirmed details of its much-rumored, heavily leaked new Android phone, the Hero, and the highlights are plentiful: a new Android interface, called Sense, which features Flash capability (a first), a fingerprint-free 3.2-inch screen and Teflon body coating, a 5 MP camera, A-GPS, a compass, and a gravity sensor. The Hero's sleek ergo design (complete with curved "chin" at the bottom), combined with the interface, is built on a less-is-more philosophy—less a sea of apps, more specific (and personalized) tools and information at your disposal. Of course, you knew this one was coming: The bad news is that it's Europe-only as of now (or really, as of next month); it hits our shores this fall.

Courtesy of Corey Seymour and Mens.Style.Com

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