Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Read about our friends at Apolis!

The Look & Lore | Apolis Activism

The gents from the Los Angeles based brand Apolis Activism and I got together during my recent trip to the west coast to shoot the shit, drink German beer and hang out at their studio. Much has been said about Apolis in the press as of late, with the company garnering much praise for their collaborations with Filson, and more recently with vintage boardshorts maker Kanvas by Katin.

Walking into the company’s loft like offices (complete with bunk beds, kitchen and a bathtub full of surf boards) you almost start to feel jealous that you haven’t been invited to hang out sooner. The brothers Raan, Stenn and Shea (not the one pictured below, that is the other Shea) Parton were drawn to the industrial style office space in downtown LA’s “arts district” because of the fact that it is live / work facility. This unique set-up enabled the guys to keep the overhead relatively low while they worked on developing the burgeoning company.

The gentlemen at Apolis Activism represent California well in terms of what their brand has been able to accomplish thus far in terms of the line’s commercial success and the social endeavors put forward. It is refreshing to see a stylish, young and driven group of people trying to make a business succeed and work to help the world at the same time. Respect is due to these guys for doing something that rarely happens anymore — talking the talk and walking the walk.

Our new Apolis Activism starts arriving in July including the coveted FilsonxApolis collab briefcase...now taking pre-orders!
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article/pics coutesy of acontinuouslean.com

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