Friday, January 29, 2010

New Vintage Dry Goods!!

This is an example of some of the new Vintage Dry Goods we've
recently received in the shop. Items include Flannels, Overshirts, Jackets, Bags, and Shoes/Boots. Stop in and take a look!

Vintage Pendleton Flannel OverShirt
Size L. $65. Made in USA

More to choose from in shop.
Call or email if you would like to purchase
any of these!

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vintage Red Wings

Vintage Red Wings.

These Red Wings are in amazing shape!
Very little scuffing on leather, sole is in great shape.
Embossed "Red Wing" on the outside of the upper.
Made in USA
USSize 8 $145

Email shop/website if your interested in picking up these amazing boots
One of a kind.

PS More Vintage Clothing and shoes pics to come, keep in touch!!

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Inventory Magazine

Now available on line and in shop!
Featuring the new direction of Menswear and the companies and retailers that are pushing it forward. A must read.
Limited Edition, Collectors Item. $20

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wings+Horns Spring 2010 Pre-Order

Delivery 1 Items (Delivery Beginning of Feb)

Wings+Horns Tiger Terry. Grey. XS-XL. $176

Wings+Horns Sports jacket. Navy. S-XL. $396

Wings+Horns L/S Oxfords. White and Navy. XS-XL. $143

Wings+Horns Mountain Parka. Black Chambray. S-L. $572

Wings+Horns Mac Coat. Khaki. S-XL. $440

Wings+Horns Full Zip Terry Hoody. Black/Charcoal. XS-XL. $154

Wings+Horns Chambray Harrington. Black. S-XL. $330

1st Delivery items we have coming in but couldn't find pictures of yet:

Wings+Horns S/S Jersey Crew. Charcoal. XS-XL. $55
Wings+Horns Thermal Henley. Grey/Natural. XS-XL. $99
Wings+Horns Thermal Crew. Charcoal/Grey. XS-XL. $88
Wings+Horns Terry Crew. Charcoal. XS-XL. $121
Wings+Horns Slim Chino. Navy. 29-34. $165
Wings+Horns Chambray Tie. Blue. $99
Wings+Horns Oxford Cloth Tie. Red. $99

As soon as I find more pictures I will put them up.

Call or email us to if you have any questions on Pre-Ordering any of the items.
A PayPal Invoice will be sent to you for Pre-Orders

Don't Hesitate...remember how fast Fall 09 sold out:)

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Friday, January 8, 2010

New Vintage in Shop

For those of you who frequent our shop Location in Milwaukee, you know that for the last couple years we have been carrying carefully selected Vintage pieces. This week we received a batch of some of that carefully selected Vintage...

Pendleton Shirts and Jackets. Vintage Levi's. Vintage LL Bean.
Most Made in the USA.

Woolrich Shirts and Jackets. Vintage Barracuta Harringtons. Vintage Sweaters.
Vintage Blazers. Vintage Lands End, Pendleton Shirt Jackets. Vintage RL.
Most made in the USA

We'll try to get some actual pics up on the blog soon!

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

So True!! Isn't it time to make some changes??

How fashion works...

is very similar to blog traffic...

1. NYC
2. LA
3. Chicago

...the rest of the country doesn't really pay if you live in a yellow state like I did for 18 years, please try to change that! We can't be known as the country defined by Wal-Mart anymore. I've seen 15 year old girls in Paris that would destroy "stylish" women in NYC...we need to take some pride in our appearance... dress better, demand quality.

That is all, rant over...

from the blog:

This is a really good should read it!

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